“Ryota Nozaki with GOODPEOPLE" is a new band project by Ryota Nozaki.

Regular members of the band are Ryota Nozaki(Pf),Aya Ito(Vl),Yoshie Furukawa(Vc) and Saburo Tanooka(Acc).

They got together to pursue a new style of music by acoustic instruments.

Their first gig was about 6 years ago as a Jazztronik acoustic gig.

Before their debut in June 2017, they had many gigs at various venues such as a museum, hotels, a garden, a fashion show and a former red-light district.

When they debuted as one band, they chose the name “GOODPEOPLE”

“GOODPEOPLE” has some meanings other than the original meaning which everyone can imagine.It also has the meanings of good, skilled musician, having good taste.

GOODPEOPLE has released an album called “GOODPEOPLE” from HATS, which is well known as famous Japanese violinist Taro Hakase’s label.

They show many styles of music in the album, which is influenced by Penguin cafe orchestra,Turtle island quartet, 2 cellos and many kinds of soundtracks.

There is one cover song of ”Pavane pour une infante défunte” as well.

They have just finished the album release concert tour in Japan.

Their music style surprised and excited everyone who came to see the concerts all the time because of its uniqueness.

It’s not easy to explain their music in one word.

But when you listen to GOODPEOPLE’s music, you can feel the birth of a new style of acoustic music.